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Why Have this Policy?

It is important to clarify why Fancy Hair, LLC has a no refund and resale policy and to elucidate our position in accordance to US Law. 

It is essential that we have a duty of care for all of our clientele. Many of whom have hair loss conditions, undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatments and buy our products for medical use only. This coincides why we must make sure our products are risk free, considered safe and fit for purpose.



Many of our clients may have skin infections like Tinea capitis, more commonly referred to as ringworm and can cause significant hair loss. It is a highly contagious fungal skin infection that can appear on the scalp and can cause scaling, itching and redness in a circular pattern. Reselling a returned wig to a client who is susceptible to infection without being sanitized would be negligent and considered dangerous. Fungal spores can live on any surface where dead skins cells are present. Sanitizing a returned wig will need to be washed and dried at the hottest setting and disinfected with chemicals that will compromise the integrity of the hair piece and render the product in less quality than it should be when new. 


Our Promise

As a responsible seller and to protect the health and safety for all of our clients, we must comply to this policy in accordance to The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008


- Please note that our company does not speak for other similar brands within the same sector. 

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